Business ethics

Ways’ basic principles of business ethics

Our basic principles of business ethics exist to provide guidelines for how our employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders are to be treated in a legal, fair and ethically acceptable way.

Ways is a member of the Swedish IT and Telecom Industries organisation and observes existing international and national agreements and conventions and national legislation and ordinances in our business operations.


We offer all individuals equal opportunities for employment. We actively promote diversity and work to prevent any form of discrimination. Our tool is to have dedicated processes to detect and deal with all cases of discrimination. Through our active efforts to promote diversity we create opportunities to develop our people, our organisation and our business.

A good place to work

Our coworkers are important to us and we keep an eye on the individual’s work situation, health, well-being at work, and development.  No kind of harassment is tolerated, either inside the company or in our interactions with the world around us. Together with each individual employee, we shall work to promote the conditions that create a balanced relationships between work and leisure.

Sustainable development

We must contribute to sustainable development by always showing concern for the environment, using natural resources economically and minimising our footprint. Our goal is for our activities to have the smallest possible environmental impact. Our activities shall conform to applicable environmental legislation and regulations. We try to emphasize the environmental benefit of our products and services and in this way contribute to our customers’ sustainability efforts. We welcome and encourage initiatives from our employees, customers and partners to attain this objective.

Intellectual property

We must observe and respect applicable national legislation and rules, and international conventions and treaties concerning protection of intellectual property. This means that we shall always respect others’ intellectual property and thus produce and supply or products and/or services without unauthorized use of or infringement of another party’s protected rights or business secrets. We encourage innovation and continuous development with due consideration of owner, developer and innovator’s intellectual property.

Child labour

We do not tolerate child labour or that anyone be subjected to enforced labour or work under threat of force. Children’s right to education shall not be impeded or jeopardised.
We are aware that child labour exists and we have a long-term ambition to contribute to no child needing to work or be exploited for another party’s financial gain. Every member company is responsible for ensuring that its suppliers to the greatest extent possible do not use child labour.

Bribery and corruption

We must contribute to a society with strong confidence in its companies, enterprise, the market economy and a state governed by law. We shall thus strive to promote a high ethical level in commercial relationships and work to prevent bribery and all other forms of corruption that can affect our business relationships.


We wish to establish and maintain a high level of trust and confidence in the industry as a whole. We therefore work to safeguard both personal integrity and the company’s integrity when our services and products are used. This means that we treat information and data about individuals, companies and organisations with great care and work to prevent leaks and dissemination of sensitive information.


We consider free competition in the market place to be a prerequisites for growth and development. As one of the players in the market, we work to promote healthy competition and shall observe good marketing practices. The information we provide to our customers and the market shall always be clear in content and never knowingly be misleading or ambiguous. For collaboration in the industry we follow The Swedish IT & Telecom Industries competition guidelines.


Basic principles of business ethics