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Document management in SharePoint

Ways helps you to start working on document management in SharePoint correctly. An alternative is that you consider our product MetaShare for this purpose. MetaShare is a pre-packaged document management solution based on SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

Almost all of Ways’ customer assignments include document management in some form. Either you are in need of a somewhat simpler document management solution, and choose to use SharePoint standard. Or you choose to buy MetaShare, which simplifies document management for both your users and administrators and can be used in many different contexts.

It is easy to use SharePoint’s document management incorrectly, which makes it difficult for the users to find documents and understand where they are stored in SharePoint – in other words, it can be messier than before.

When we set up SharePoint, we focus on setting up and configure your solution properly so that you create a homogeneous way to manage your documents – regardless of where it is stored in SharePoint. In our opinion, this is extremely important.

If we assist in conducting a feasibility study, we will work with information structures (metadata tagging), information classification, search etc, to obtain what is needed for a successful implementation of a document management solution in SharePoint.