United Spaces starts with contract management in MetaShare

For more than 20 years, the national coworking operator United Spaces has been a meeting place for innovation, knowledge sharing and networking. With hundreds of member companies and thousands of members across the country, contract management is an important part of the business. It is now clear that United Spaces is choosing to manage its contracts in MetaShare.

Since its inception, the vision and basic idea behind the concept has been the same: to create flexible, innovation and relationship-enhancing work environments for all types of businesses and companies. Today, United Spaces has ten coworking facilities across Sweden.

To boost business and facilitate management of the company’s contracts, United Spaces chooses the MetaShare document management app with built-in support for automatic reminders (such as review dates) and approvals.

Contract management is a popular and value-adding application of MetaShare that means companies never miss out on terminating, renegotiating or extending a contract on time.