At Ways, we specialize in creating integration solutions for SharePoint. These integrations are key to improving data quality, simplifying access to documents across platforms and automating key business processes.

We can implement integrations directly to other applications or use a middle layer in the form of an integration engine to connect to different systems.

Our expertise and integration solutions can simplify your work processes and optimize your document management.

Some examples of integrations we can help you with:

Metadata integration: We can ensure high data quality by integrating metadata fields in SharePoint with other systems, such as CRM systems. This way, you can automatically synchronize customer data and ensure proper metadata management.

CRM or business systems: We can integrate your document management system with your CRM and other business systems to centralize document management in Microsoft 365/SharePoint. Read also about the MetaShare CRM Connector

Intranet integration: We can integrate your document management with your intranet, especially if SharePoint is used as your intranet. This makes it easy to publish and ensure availability of important documents and policies for the organization.

Process automation: We can help you automate the creation of new SharePoint or Teams sites based on forms and templates. This facilitates users’ work and improves process quality.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you integrate and automate your business.