SharePoint is part of Microsoft 365 and integrates seamlessly with other products and services like Teams, Outlook, Office, and more. SharePoint is a flexible and scalable solution that can be adapted to business needs and preferences to improve collaboration, communication and productivity.

SharePoint makes it possible to create and share a mobile, intelligent and customized intranet for your organization that enables:

  • Effective collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners on dynamic group websites. You can share files, data, news and resources, and use apps and tabs to improve functionality and productivity.
  • Information dissemination and engagement with attractive and interactive communication websites. You can convey your message, share common resources and programs, and keep everyone updated with customized and targeted news.
  • Find and organize information with powerful search functions and smart ways to find knowledge and insights. You can use metadata, filters, synchronization, and integration with other Microsoft products and services to make your content accessible and useful.

Contact us if you need a SharePoint-based intranet.

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