Ways’ quality policy

Ways’ quality policy is based on all employees being involved in our quality work, and everyone doing his or her work according to the instructions found in the company’s quality folder. The aim of our goals is to ensure that the service we provide, the methods we use and the client’s requirements and expectations are all in agreement. Ways shall always meet and exceed the customer’s expectations in every assignment by explaining clearly to the customer what we can deliver.

  • We state quite clearly in our marketing who we are, what we can do and what our aims are
  • We strive to always create added value for our customers
  • We strive to be accessible and easy to reach for our customers

Our quality work

Our Code of Conduct is part of life at Ways and applies to all employees. It is central to what we deliver to our customers. Ways documents and ensures that all processes function well.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility

Commitment to quality is a crucial parameter in achieving sustainable customer satisfaction. All employees, however, have a common responsibility to strive for customer satisfaction by being part of the development of Ways’ processes.

Customer satisfaction

Our goal is to always deliver on time, at the agreed price, and with high quality.

Our projects are Ways’ heart

Ways’ delivery processes are founded on a delivery and project process that is continuously refined and developed by our customers and employees.

Certified consultants

As part of maintaining high competence Ways encourages its consultants to become certified in their fields of expertise. To maintain high quality, all our developers are certified in Microsoft SharePoint. In the area of project management we have project managers certified according to IPMA, with a focus on leadership and behavior.

Insurance policy

In addition to full basic company insurance with Länsförsäkringar that covers our business as regards property, responsibility, legal protection, business trips, etc., Ways has extended third party insurance that covers sales of products and services to our customers.