Implementation MetaShare

MetaShare implementation package

Introducing document management does not have to be extensive. In practice, you go from a folder structure on a file server to a metadata structure in SharePoint. Documents are tagged with metadata instead of being stored in different folders.

MetaShare is ready to be used after activating the MetaShare app. The method for getting started with MetaShare and possibly migrating old documents depend on your organisation’s needs.

Do you need help, we have two different introduction packages that allow you to get started quickly:

  • Standard – ready-made basic structure in MetaShare
  • Custom – create a whole new structure

MetaShare trainings

These introduction packages can then be supplemented with training. Read more about training.

Standard structure in MetaShare

MetaShare is activated with a generic structure. We start from a standard, possibly add some more metadata, after the workshop has been completed. When your users start working, they will have to manually upload the documents from the file server to MetaShare, and in connection with the upload – tag documents with metadata.


  • Activation of MetaShare in your Office 365 environment (assuming we have access to an account with the necessary rights in your Office 365 environment)
  • Basic configuration of MetaShare
  • Set up permissions in MetaShare
  • Half-day workshop for refining structure
  • Complement with more metadata fields
  • Superuser training

Cost: Request a quote

Custom structure in MetaShare

You are not happy with the folder structure that you have on the file server and need to create a new structure, now in the form of metadata. Our consultants will help you to develop a new structure, which we then set-up in MetaShare.

Cost: Request a quote