Training in Office 365, SharePoint and MetaShare

Get the most out of Office 365, SharePoint and MetaShare. We can provide training on-site or online. Ways’ course plan is designed for both end-users and system administrators – you learn exactly what you need, depending on your role.

Our training programs – unlike the standard training programs offered – are fully adapted to what you need to be able to use and administer your particular solution.

Ways also offers training fully tailored for your company.

Training in Office 365 and SharePoint

If you need to increase your Office 365 and SharePoint skills we can help you. Our courses are entirely focused on the people who will work with Office 365 and SharePoint and need to learn how to make full use of its functions. These courses are company-specific and are planned according to your needs and your schedule.

Want to know more? Contact us to discuss a course design that suits you.


MetaShare is a simple system to use, it requires minimal training to use the solution. There are also a variety of instructive videos available that show how MetaShare works.

Managing MetaShare is also easy. MetaShare uses the SharePoint underlying functionality, but simplifies its administration. In order to be able to quickly make changes and configure MetaShare, we recommend a course – however, there are also instructive videos and FAQs that describe how to do it.

MetaShare trainings

  • Administrator training: SEK 12,000 (6 hours)
  • Superuser training: SEK 7,000 / half day
  • User training: SEK 7,000 / half day
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