The art of managing documents in SharePoint

Do you want to get more out of SharePoint and get a more user-friendly interface that also adds document management features that are missing in standard SharePoint?

Many organizations have millions of documents managed in different SharePoint sites/document libraries. If document libraries are not managed properly, documents will be difficult to find, and your SharePoint sites/document libraries will become a mess.

Sign up for our webinar where we demonstrate how the MetaShare add-in software improves document management in SharePoint.

We’ll show you how to use key features like:

  • SharePoint sites
    • Centralize the management of your SharePoint sites
    • Automate the provisioning of your SharePoint sites
    • Automate the lifecycle management of your documents, regardless of where they are stored
  • Document management in document libraries
    • Simplified search experience that allows you to find what you are looking for with 2-3 clicks, regardless of where in Microsoft 365 the documents are stored
    • Aggregated view to consolidate searches across SharePoint sites and documents
    • Sort and filter documents with “searchable terms”
    • Consistent and simplified tagging of documents for improved search results
    • Hybrid management of folders and metadata
    • Central management of the organization’s document templates, which means that users always have access to the latest templates. Users also get suggestions on the right template to use depending on the type of document being created.
    • Standard flows for approval and reviewal of documents

This webinar is held in English but is also available in Swedish, Konsten att hantera dokument i SharePoint.

When: 29 November 2023 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (CET)
Where: Webinar via Microsoft Teams (an invitation with link will be sent to you)

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