No manager can afford to miss out on the business benefits of document management

A new survey by YouGov shows that managers misjudge the amount of working time that is wasted because employees can’t find the right documents in their folders. 35% think they spend 0-10 minutes a day on this, but the truth is that we spend an hour a day searching and finding the right thing. Although the business potential of document management is becoming increasingly apparent, it is not a priority for managers. Something Ways sees will change.

Digitalisation has made most companies aware that innovative IT services drive business. Yet many miss the profitability aspect of smart document management.

According to a recent YouGov* survey commissioned by Ways, one in four managers say that document management is not a priority. And 2 out of 3 managers say they have a low interest in document management.

One possible factor behind this lack of interest could be the lack of knowledge about how much working time each employee loses each day looking for the right document. 35% of managers believe that employees spend 0-10 minutes a day on this. At the same time, studies by IDC and McKinsey Global Institute, among others, show that an employee spends about 1 hour a day searching for the right document.

– At an extremely low level, smart document management generates an extra quarter of working time per employee per day. For an organisation with a hundred employees, this means five thousand working hours a year. Our assessment is that no one can afford to ignore the business potential of today’s pure document management solutions,” says Per Rolder, CEO of Ways.

As the inventors of MetaShare, pioneering document management in Office 365, Ways sees a responsibility in educating on the profitability aspects and how easy it is to get started in a system that makes a difference.

*The survey on managers’ views on document management was conducted by YouGov on 4-8 November 2021 among 500 managers in Swedish companies.