Quality policy

Our quality policy covers Ways’ entire operation and involves all employees. Ways must always meet and exceed the customer’s expectations for each assignment by being clear to our customers with the content of the assignment and agreed delivery.

  • We are clear in our description of who we are, what we can do and what we want
  • We always strive to create added value for our customers
  • We always strive to be accessible and easy to reach

Quality work

Our code of conduct is part of our everyday life and affects all employees. Our quality work is central to our delivery to the customer. Our goal is to always deliver on time, at an agreed price and with high quality.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility

Commitment to quality issues is a crucial factor for customer satisfaction. It is the responsibility of all employees to constantly strive for customer satisfaction and to participate in the development of Way’s processes.

The projects are the core of Ways

Way’s business is based on a secure delivery process that is constantly developed and refined together with our customers and employees.

Certified consultants

As part of the competence work, Way’s employees are continuously encouraged for further training and certification. All our developers are certified in Microsoft SharePoint. Our project managers are certified according to IPMA, with a focus on leadership and behavior.

Insurance policy

Ways’ operations are covered by basic corporate insurance in the areas of property, liability, legal protection, business travel, etc. In addition, Ways has extended liability insurance that pertains to product and service sales for the company’s customers.