Business development

We actively work with our customers to promote growth by developing their business and establishing precise requirements for IT applications. We believe that the key to success is to understand what really matters most when creating solutions. We strive to create not only useful products, but also ones that really help businesses and give users a great experience.

Requirements analysis

The aim is to identify and concretize the requirements and needs that arise in the business and to propose solutions that are not only viable long-term but also can be extended further. We have designed a proven methodology with a flexible “toolbox” that is adapted to the purpose of the application.

Whether it’s developing a document management solution, implementing workflows to support processes or integrating different systems, we apply a consistent methodology to create sustainable and flexible solutions that can adapt to your needs and change over time.

Project management

We offer professional guidance through every project phase from conceptualization to implementation. We manage your projects from start to finish with skilled project managers who know industry standards and best practices. By streamlining every step, we make sure your projects run smoothly and successfully.

Process mapping with 2c8 Apps

2c8 Apps convey process flows, organizational charts and other models in an easily accessible way.

The user can follow links to documents and other systems, and define external documents in MetaShare. 2c8 Apps create consensus in the organization, increase transparency and enable efficient working methods and processes.

Contact us for support in business development and requirements analysis.