Future-proof your document management

Welcome to this webinar about what separates the old and new world and how different generations have learnt to manage a computer. While the older generation struggles with memorizing folders, these are completely irrelevant to the younger generation who have learned to rely on the interface’s search function.

It is metadata and searchability that make this possible. What does next-generation document management mean and what awaits around the corner? Future-proof your document management.


  • Document management goes from folder to metadata
  • Tags and structures create the foundation for intelligent document management systems
  • Build a tagging-based document management system
  • Demo of MetaShare – document management solution in Microsoft 365

This webinar is held in English but is also available in Swedish, Mappar är på utdöende, generation z vet inte ens vad det är.

When: 11 October 2023 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (CEST)
Where: Webinar via Microsoft Teams (an invitation with link will be sent to you)

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