Tips on when it is appropriate to save documents in OneDrive. And when it’s not.

OneDrive replaces your home directory and desktop with a personal document library. However, it is not appropriate to store documents in OneDrive that everyone in your organization needs to access.

These are the reasons why:

  • When an employee leaves and OneDrive is deleted, all documents stored there disappear.
  • If you are on vacation or sick, others cannot access the documents stored there.
  • Makes collaboration within a department difficult when documents are not available.
  • Your colleagues cannot find or search your OneDrive unless you have shared it.
  • Documents that you think should be temporarily saved in OneDrive risk being forgotten there.
  • It is not possible to put metadata on documents in OneDrive .

Use OneDrive for:

  • Saving your personal documents .
  • Saving documents that are not of importance to the organization to keep for the future.
  • Saving early drafts that you do not feel comfortable sharing, such as temporary calculations or draft notes.

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