Eslövs Bostads AB chooses MetaShare for order and clarity among real estate documents

Eslövs Bostads AB, that owns and manages a large number of rental properties in different parts of the municipality, has decided to use MetaShare for efficient management of its property documents. MetaShare was chosen for its user-friendliness and because the supplier, Ways, has extensive experience in helping several of Sweden’s largest real estate companies to introduce intelligent document management.

Eslövs Bostads AB is a public housing company that owns and manages almost 2,300 of the municipality’s rental homes. After Eslövs Bostads AB saw the need to organize, find and secure their property documents, an evaluation of different solutions was started. MetaShare was chosen because it matched the need for ease of use, order and security.

Ways, the supplier behind MetShare, has extensive experience of document management for real estate companies such as Afa Fastigheter, Jernhusen, Castellum, HSB, Humlegården, Heba, and Fastighetssnabben.