Gabna Sameby chooses MetaShare for smooth document management linked to the project Min Ođđa Giron – Our New Kiruna

The Laevas and Gabna Sami villages carry out reindeer husbandry in Kiruna municipality and around Kiruna town. The project Min Ođđa Giron – Our New Kiruna is owned by both Sámi villages and was started with the aim of giving the Sámi villages a chance to influence the changes taking place on their land and minimize the impact of the changes on reindeer husbandry. One of the objectives of the project is to develop internal communication and administration.

Now Gabna Sameby chooses the document management solution MetaShare, which will be an important key to more efficient work and planning processes, both internally and externally. Laeva Sameby will also soon be managing its documents via MetaShare.