Gabriel brings order to document chaos

Gabriel Smoljar wanted to be an engineer, but his passion for the relationship between machine, man and society led him to the document management experts at Ways. Today, Gabriel is the lead developer of MetaShare, Ways’ innovative SaaS solution that enables a whole new way to manage documents in Office 365.

When systems developer Gabriel Smoljar started as a trainee at Ways in 2012, almost everyone was working with traditional software installed locally on their own server. Cloud services like Office 365 were in their infancy. But as the need to access files from outside the office grew, more and more people moved their files to the cloud.

As experts in Office 365 and the SharePoint content management system, Ways was one of the first in the world to develop a cloud service that allows documents to be managed in a completely new way in Office 365.

MetaShare does not replace SharePoint. Uniquely, the solution uses SharePoint’s powerful engine and provides a user interface that greatly simplifies the document management functions of SharePoint.

Gabriel’s role at Ways is to keep planning and developing MetaShare based on the user needs he sees today and for tomorrow.

– Many companies are halfway through their digitalisation journey. Most have moved their documents to the cloud to adapt to hybrid working. This means that the groundwork is done, but the mess among the documents remains.

– MetaShare creates structure, removes risk and ensures a frictionless way of working. It’s satisfying to have the solution to a universal problem, says Gabriel Smoljar