Jernhusen chooses MetaShare for intelligent management of real estate documents

Jernhusen, Sweden’s real estate company near the railway, has decided to use metadata to create a uniform structure for the company’s real estate documents, eliminate duplicates and ensure that employees can quickly find the right document regardless of where it is stored in the Microsoft 365 platform. The supplier of choice is Ways and their document management solution MetaShare.

Jernhusen’s new document management solution MetaShare is fully integrated into Microsoft 365. The implementation of MetaShare means a transition from a folder structure to a metadata structure where documents are tagged with metadata that are important for Jernhusen’s documents that relate to properties.

Tagging documents with metadata makes it easy to find documents no matter where they are stored throughout Microsoft 365. The time spent searching for documents in folders can be spent on other things and employees can be sure that they are always working in the right document version.