Marta Szaniawska refines the user experience of MetaShare

The interest in programming was born already at the age of ten, and although Marta Szaniawska enjoyed all the subjects at school, computer science was the most fun. When moving to Sweden, the choice of employer fell on Ways, where Marta works on refining processes in the development of the innovative document management solution MetaShare.

Marta Szaniawska got off to a flying start in her career. In parallel with the studies to become a system developer at the Warsaw University of Technology, she started at the innovation company Suntech as a developer of network management systems for telecom companies. When her husband got a job in Sweden, Marta chose to continue on the beaten track with the document management experts Ways, a job where she enjoys eleven years later as much as at the beginning.

– My picture is that more and more people are opening their eyes to smart document management. The need to have order among the documents has completely exploded during the pandemic. Many people use the Microsoft platform as a collaboration space and see how much easier it becomes to manage documents in Microsoft 365 with our solution MetaShare.

Marta’s focus right now is to refine the user experience of MetaShare for end users.

– The customer of MetaShare is often someone from the IT department with knowledge of which structures need to be created to optimize document management in their particular organization. When everyone marks up the documents in the same way, MetaShare finds the right one with the push of a button. That it is super simple for the end user is a prerequisite when introducing a new way of working, says Marta Szaniawska.