Meet Kamanashish Roy, the man behind MetaShare Orbit

The step from math geek to programming was short for Kamanashish Roy. After a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he applied to the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) for higher studies. Once in Stockholm, Kamanashish caught the eye of Ways, where he is today the Lead Developer for MetaShare Orbit.

When Kamanashish Roy started his career at Ways 11 years ago, most clients managed their projects and documents through their own servers and SharePoint on-prem. Ways’ assignments were often about designing customer-specific solutions for managing projects and documents at large companies such as Deloitte, Swedbank, leading construction companies, etc.

Today, as customers move their documents to the cloud, Kamanashish helps customers with a smooth migration and to develop scalable solutions for better integration and user experience.

In addition to this, Kamanashish worked hard for several years developing MetaShare Orbit, an application of MetaShare that automates the deletion and archiving of documents in Microsoft 365.

– For more and more organizations, it has become clear that document management needs to work better than it does today. When a person creates digital documents and puts them in folders, it is often quite easy for the person himself to find them. However, it often quickly becomes a problem when someone else tries to find what a colleague has created, says Kamanashish Roy.

With the gigantic growth of digital material, this problem is growing rapidly. It is a challenge in day-to-day operations, but also a big problem for archiving and retrieval in the long term. Automatic deletion is an important part of smarter archive management.

– This is where MetaShare Orbit comes into the picture, concludes Kamanashish Roy.

The launch of MetaShare Orbit is estimated for June 2023.