MetaShare Orbit archives documents to be preserved and deletes those to be deleted. Automatically and completely according to set rules.

Authorities and other organizations that handle documents with compliance requirements know how difficult it is to follow established principles. Manual handling is often required to assess whether a document should be archived or deleted. Now there is MetaShare Orbit, which handles the archiving and deletion work in Microsoft 365 completely automatically according to the organization’s rules. The solution saves time, ensures you comply with the regulations and creates diligent order among the documents.

Surveys show that most organizations are expected to generate the same amount of data in two years as all the data they have produced to date*.

Document management complicated for many

The explosive increase in documents creates major challenges, not least for organizations with long-term archiving requirements. If you also take into account that the deletion process often lags behind, organizations today are sitting on a large and unstructured amount of data that is difficult to manage.

For authorities and other organizations that handle documents that must be saved for posterity, or must not be saved for more than a certain time, everyday life is even more complicated. And the larger the amount of information you handle, the more difficult it becomes to decide whether a document should be archived or not.

The solution is spelled MetaShare Orbit

To solve the challenges of archiving and deletion requirements, there are today a number of automated solutions provided through Microsoft. However, these require access to costly E5 licenses, which is not an option for many users. That’s why there is now MetaShare Orbit, which automates today’s time-consuming archiving process and ensures that the information that remains in the system is of relevant content. MetaShare Orbit requires Microsoft 365 standard license only.

Archived documents do not disappear – they are moved to another workspace

The MetaShare Orbit user never has to worry about archived documents disappearing when they are moved to another workspace. Documents with compliance requirements are archived based on set rules and the events in MetaShare Orbit are logged daily for a good overview of documents that have been archived or deleted.

* EMC: World’s data doubling every two years…

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