More and more Microsoft 365 users are discovering MetaShare.

The share of users of the document management app MetaShare is spreading worldwide. Something Ways sees is due to the successful strategy of targeting Microsoft 365 users. In addition, Ways sees the results of an international market strategy.

When Ways was founded 17 years ago, it was based on the same mission as today, to help companies and organizations make money and increase job satisfaction through smart document management.

To achieve broad reach, Ways invested its document management expertise and knowledge of Microsoft 365 to develop MetaShare, an add-on solution for Microsoft 365 that closes the document management gaps in SharePoint.

– If SharePoint is a standardized, turnkey house, we architected MetaShare to manage documents in Microsoft 365 in a completely new way using metadata. MetaShare finds documents no matter where they are stored in Microsoft 365, has automatic reminder features, and enables automatic thinning and archiving,” says Carl Mårn, founder of Ways.

Today, we can conclude that the strategy of helping companies maximize their Microsoft 365 investment has been successful. Ways currently has 26,660 users of MetaShare, half of which are outside Sweden.

International success factors

A large part of the success behind the spread of MetaShare probably lies in the increased use of Teams during the pandemic when many saw the need to create order among the documents, increase searchability and reduce the risk of duplicates in different channels.

– Otherwise, we have worked purposefully on the basis of an international market strategy and with partners in international consulting firms. Another success factor is that more and more people are realizing that metadata is an excellent preparation for AI and cognitive solutions such as Microsoft Copilot,” concludes Carl Mårn.