Norwegian Vestdavit switches to smart document management

It is now clear that fast-growing Vestdavit is choosing Way’s MetaShare solution for smarter management of the company’s documents. The assignment involves moving documents from file servers to metadata structures for fast searching and a new, agile way of working globally.

Norwegian Vestdavit manufactures and distributes Davit cranes for the launching and recovery of boats from large ships to marine operators worldwide. The fast-growing company was grappling with classic challenges such as disorganised documents, numerous duplicates and challenges with sharing, searching and tracking company documents.

The search for a smart document management system led to Way’s MetaShare solution, which installs on top of SharePoint and enables document management in Office 365 in a whole new way.

– We were impressed by MetaShares’ smart and user-friendly interface and realised that abandoning the existing folder structure in favour of a metadata structure would make our work much smoother. We see that MetaShare will facilitate our document management considerably, in Norway and with our subsidiaries in the US, the Netherlands and Poland,” says Rolf Andreas Wigand, CEO of Vestdavit.

Tagging and migration of Vestdavit’s documents went smoothly based on the company’s requests for structure, filters and metadata fields.

– Vestdavit did the actual claim preparation work on its own. After quality review and coaching by our experts, the move to a metadata-driven document management solution was completed in less than a month,” says Carl Mårn, founder of Ways, the innovation company behind MetaShare.