Over a third of Swedes struggle to find the right document

The biggest challenges Swedes have linked to IT hassles are logging into different systems (51%) and finding the right documents (32%). This is according to a new survey from Novus, conducted on behalf of the IT company Avoki*. According to the survey, we spend 75 minutes per week on IT-related problems at work, which equates to almost 2 working weeks each year lost to inefficiency.

– It is indeed astonishing that business leaders tolerate such a significant decline in productivity, especially given all the resources available to solve technology problems.

* Novus 2024

MetaShare makes it easy to find, work with and reuse documents. Documents in MetaShare are organized with metadata. This means that the user does not have to know the entire long path in a complicated folder structure.

– One of the key features of MetaShare is its powerful and flexible search function, which allows users to quickly find relevant documents that may be scattered in Microsoft 365, across different SharePoint sites, different teams in Microsoft Teams and in OneDrive (users’ own OneDrive as well as documents shared from colleagues’ OneDrives).