Skellefteå municipality first out with innovative document management

Last spring, Skellefteå Municipality signed an agreement with Ways for the use of MetaShare, an innovative solution for smart document management. The aim was to some close the document management gaps in SharePoint and Teams, which, according to the prototype, which MetaShare, according to the prototype has done well. MetaShare is rated highly in terms of both ease of use and compliance with the municipality’s high standards for document security classification.

Skellefteå Municipality has long been looking for a pure document management solution that streamlines the management of the municipality’s complex document environment and meets the high requirements of security classifications, regulations and GDPR.

Last spring, Skellefteå municipality signed a MetaShare license for its 9,000 users, a pure document management solution that is activated in Microsoft 365 and in SharePoint on-prem and significantly improves SharePoint’s interface.

– We have tried several document management initiatives in the past without achieving our vision. This often falls on the document management shortcomings of SharePoint and Teams. When we realised there was a solution that would close the loopholes, speed up management and meet our security classification requirements, it was easy to choose MetaShare. MetaShare also supports our vision to start from the municipality’s processes and thus link the documents with other information management, says Eva Karlberg, investigator at Skellefteå municipality.

Carl Mårn, founder of Ways, sees MetaShare as ideal for municipalities’ needs for quick and easy searching of documents, regardless of where they are stored. And that documents can be easily found via smart filtering in predefined tabs in Microsoft Teams, the collaboration hub of Microsoft 365.

– We are impressed by the high IT maturity of Skellefteå municipality. We’ve kept up the pace during this autumn’s prototype, with MetaShare scoring more than a pass in the recently completed user test. It will be exciting to see the impact of MetaShare on the work of the municipality. Hopefully, the solution will make it easier for more municipalities in the future,” says Carl Mårn.

During the spring, a pilot project will start in several of Skellefteå municipality’s administrations and is expected to last until the summer.