Ways gets the assignment to take Rejler’s intranet to the next level

A digital meeting place is the key to good internal communication and a way to raise the level of knowledge and commitment of employees. Rejlers, one of the Nordic region’s leading technology consultants, is now taking a fresh look at the intranet and the task of taking the digital meeting place to a new level has been assigned to Ways.

Ways has long experience of easy-to-use intranet solutions that give employees access to relevant and interesting information about what is going on in the organization, policy documents, contact information for colleagues and more.

Now Ways has been entrusted with improving the technology consulting company Rejlers’ digital meeting place on a global level.

– We have just completed an analysis of how employees use and perceive the existing intranet and look forward to providing suggestions on how Rejlers can further increase the level of commitment to its digital meeting place, says Per Rolder, CEO of Ways.