Ways is commissioned to design the Red Cross University’s digital meeting place

The Red Cross College has been providing nursing education since 1867. With a wide range of activities, there was a need for a digital meeting place for internal communication and smooth management of business documents. Document management experts Ways were awarded the contract.

As part of the digitisation work, the Red Cross University College decided to invest in an easy-to-use intranet to increase the level of knowledge and engagement of teachers, students and support functions.

– We have long lacked a digital hub for communication with our employees.
A common place to find relevant and interesting information about the business. From news about what’s going on, to governance documents and contact details for colleagues. Accessibility and inspiration are important keywords for us, says Helene Komlos Grill, Communications Officer at the Red Cross University College.

In addition to a digital meeting place, the Red Cross University College also needed a smart document management system that could easily integrate with the employee portal, SharePoint and the college’s other Office 365 environment based on proper permissions.

– Many people have made the journey from server to cloud, and the next natural step is to get their documents in order and work smoothly. We are excited about the opportunity to help the Red Cross University College with the creation of structure and tagging of metadata. Our MetaShare solution makes it easy to find and ensures that documents are managed securely and correctly,” says Carl Mårn, founder of Ways.